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You are about to take the biggest step in learning to drive. This step is selecting the driving instructor who will help you to learn to drive. Selecting the right instructor for you is very important as you need a driving instructor who will make learning to drive interesting, fun and who has the right skills to match the way they teach to the way you like to learn.  On the next few pages you can find out more about how we can help you to become a very good driver.

Why do you want to learn to drive? 

Most people choose to learn to drive because of the freedom it brings.  No more waiting for a bus in the freezing weather.  No more having to fit in with the bus or train timetable. Learning to driver can even do more than this, it can improve your chances of finding employment.  Learning to drive can really help you in life!

What do you want from your driving instructor?

This can be a mine field if all you have thought about was passing your driving test.  However learning to drive is not just about passing the driving test.  The driving test is just a stepping stone on the way to becoming a safe driver.  Your instructor needs to prepare you for driving beyond the driving test.