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Thank you for taking time to explore my website and I hope you find it informative. So what do I offer that would make you choose me as your driving instructor?

Driving lessons – I have been teaching people to drive for ......years and have a very good pass rate.  I am also a grade ..... driving instructor.  I teach a mix of male, female, young and older pupils.

Pass Plus – Post-test tuition is a very important part of learning to drive as this is the time when other issues could affect how you deploy the skills you have learned while learning to drive.  Pass Plus gives you the opportunity to do this in different road environments and you could also benefit from insurance discounts.

Motorway Tuition – At the moment it is not possible to drive on motorways before passing your driving test, but it is different to the driving you do on driving lessons.  Post-test motorway lessons offer the opportunity for you to learn how to deal with them in ‘real world’ conditions.

Refresher lessons – If you have not driven for a while or have lost your confidence for some reason then you may want to consider some refresher driving lessons.  I will get you back up to a good driving standard without the pressure of having to pass the driving test again.

Retest training – If you have lost your licence for whatever reason and need to pass your driving test again I can channel the skills you have already learned.